As a consequence of population growth, our planet is rapidly urbanizing. Approximately 50 percent of the world population lives in urban areas and that number is expected to increase to 80 percent over the next 50 years. In few decades, this trend threatens equilibriums that took nature thousands of years to establish. This rapid change is stressing people and ecosystems and these challenges call for immediate action towards the adoption of new and more sustainable building and construction practices.

Exterior flooring and landscaping decisions have a large potential for environmental impact. Greener exterior flooring solutions may have a huge future contribution in our quest for better and safer living, working and leisure outdoor spaces.

CASTAN PARK exterior flooring solutions address these concerns with a complete range of high quality pervious flooring solutions that bring together the benefits of the use of natural and recycled materials, state of the art eco-friendly binders and low energy production and installation processes, while keeping natural hydrological cycle flows undisturbed.

Castan Park safe surface
Color Range

Branco | RAL 9010Casca de Ovo | RAL 1015Bege | RAL 1014Amarelo | RAL 1002Amarelo Claro | RAL 1012Verde ClaroVerde | RAL 6021Verde Escuro| RAL 6005Azul Claro| RAL 5012Azul | RAL 5015Azul Escuro | RAL 5010Rosa | RAL 4003Lilás | RAL 4005Laranja Claro | RAL 2008Vermelho Claro | RAL 3017Vermelho | RAL 3016Castanho Bege | RAL 8024Castanho | RAL 8025Cinzento| RAL 7038Cinzento Médio | RAL 7038Cinzento Escuro | RAL 7011