We feel that there are great opportunities for making the difference in the use of new materials and building practices, whether through aesthetics, performance or better project’s return on investment.
We work side by side with you to provide continuity to your best ideas.

Challenge us!

Ramiro Fonseca

During engagement in large projects, the end user of our covering solutions is many times absent from our usual work interactions. Although this fact may be challenging for those like us who think of product and service improvement as a continuum process, there are great benefits to be taken from the effort to learn and innovate based on experience from past projects.
Moreover, considering the fast pace at which materials and building technologies are advancing, we notice that Architects and Designers feel a growing need for Partners that have the capacity to bring in complementary knowledge and solutions to support specific key project decisions.

At CASTAN, we struggle to recommend the covering solution that best fulfills project and customer requirements and also make sure that project delivery is done strictly according to specifications, quality, performance and cost expectations. Crafted and shaped by our experience, knowledge, values and talent of our team, this behavior is part of our DNA.