Concept spaces and experience centric interior design projects represent nowadays a large share of the very finest accomplishments in new construction and renovation.The design of natural and organic continuous surfaces and matters like the reflection of light, textures or combination of different materials, remain as key issues for Architects and Interior Designers. CASTAN DECOCEMENT accommodates all these concerns not only through a perfectly matured set of covering solutions, but also supported in a broad portfolio of successful projects.

CASTAN DECOCEMENT mortars are developed for execution of continuous surfaces of fixed or variable thicknesses from 1 to 3 mm and their installation is accomplished through precise procedures and spatulated multi-layer movements. CASTAN DECOCEMENT coverings may be installed in most sound and rigid bases, avoiding demolishing needs or the use of intrusive and noisy tools, therefore being particularly suitable for renovation projects.

CASTAN DECOCEMENT product line introduces a broad diversity of surface textures and covering attributes that may be used to the advantage of specific project needs. Several covering parameters may be selected and adjusted such as color, patina, finish or slip resistance.


Decorative mortars have passed through a succession of significant refinements in the last decade.

As a result of strong research and development efforts undertaken by reference Chemical Companies who introduced the use of polymers and other technical additives, a whole new product category could be attained. With these new developments and technologies, Portland Cement based mortars are now able to achieve comfortable levels of mechanical and chemical resistance which enable them to be the perfect partner for Architectural and Design Floors and Walls either for new or renovation projects.

Color Chart

CASTAN DECOCEMENT Color chart encompasses a range of 42 standard colors and three optional metallic patina effects: Platinium, Gold, Cooper. A complete set of sealers is available to achieve every covering finish possibility, from glossy to matte.
In the case of specific Project color needs it is possible to supply non-standard colors on demand, based on approximation to a specific RAL color chart reference.
Please take note that because of its natural and organic attributes, CASTAN DECOCEMENT product range colors and tones are not perfectly homogenous and therefore only approximations to specific color may be reproduced.
CASTAN pigments are stable to UVs and are developed to guarantee quality, performance and compatibility throughout our product line.

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